Chocolate Covered Pecans

Fancy Mammoth Halves are roasted then covered in milk chocolate.

In-Shell Pecan

These special paper shell beauties are big, meaty, crispy, and loaded with rich pecan flavor. We bag'em fresh, right here in our orchards. They're grown naturally; your assurance of a hearty pecan.

Louisiana Pecans      

Pecans are cholesterol free, Pecans are sodium free, Pecans are fiber-rich, Pecans are a valuable plant protein source, Pecans have more than 19 vitamins & minerals
They are an excellent source of gamma tocopherol, an important type of vitamin E

Pecan Pieces       

Our finest pecans that have been chopped and ready for recipes. They are
available in three different sizes; fine, medium, and large.

Peppermint Pecans

Perfect for the holidays!! These Fancy Mammoth Halves are roasted and covered with a peppermint flavored sugar coating.

Shelled Pecans

Natural, fresh cracked taste ready to use in desserts, salads, and main dishes or to eat plain. Handy 1lb. packages in halves, large, medium, and small pieces for your convenience. Use what you need and store the rest. Also available in bulk packaging.

Louisiana Pecan Shelling Company is a family owned business started in 1939 in Vicksburg, MS. We have cracked pecans, shelled pecans, and pecan candy. The candy portion of the business was under the name “Lou’s Candy Kitchen” named for the cousin who sold the candy from her home located on old Highway 80 in Edwards, MS. It was later renamed “Annie Lou’s Candies.” (more)