The Louisiana Pecan Shelling Company buys and sells whole and inshell pecans. We offer custom cracking of your pecans, or pecans purchased from us, in our state approved facilities. Current cracking fee is $.35/lb.



We buy a small grocery sack of pecans from trees in your backyard or the pecans from an entire 5000 tree orchard at market price. With gas prices so high, why drive across the state to sell your pecans. Our scales are certified by the state of Louisiana.


We sell shelled and unshelled pecans wholesale and retail. Our prices are competitive. Try our Pecan Meal to give your meat, cakes, cookies, and pancakes a unique taste. Our Pecan oil is lower in saturated fat than olive oil and has a higher smoke point than virgin olive oil.

Pecan Candies

We make approximately 18 different kinds of pecan candies such as: chocolate, amaretto chocolate, praline flavored, bourbon flavored, honey roasted, and coconut butter rum to name a few. We are constantly adding new flavors to our candies.


Custom Gift baskets, fundraisers and corporate gifts are available upon request.